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Type of Case  Fees Remarks
Auto Accidents  Contingency No Win - No Fee
Deeds  $60 Quit Claim or Warranty
Incorporations  $350 Includes $50 filing fee
Personal Injury  Contingency No Win - No Fee
Power of Attorney $75  Business and medical
Probate (Small Estate)  $350 Includes filing fees
Wills $150 Simple Will
Uncontested Divorce   $500 Plus Clerk's filing fee. (Both parties agree on all issues including custody, property settlement, child support, etc...)
Legal questions  $ FREE Just call we will are here to help you we often answer simple questions over the phone.


   Personal injury 


In an auto accident we never take any part of the settlement or award related to the cost of repair or replacement of the vehicle, or any part related to medical bills. This means our clients get to keep more money.


Why should you pay a percentage of money you never received?



    Collection of debt


Why spend hundreds of dollars in attorney fees to collect a small debt. If there is a more efficient method like small claims court we will advise you to use it.


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